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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Les gardiennes
Les gardiennes (☞imdb)
An authentic look at life in rural France during WW1 where the women manage the land while the men are at the front. Beautifully filmed and full of emotion. French cinema at its best.

You can find my short review in the LightDrama section of my cinema pages.
La langue française
La langue française
A comprehensive resource for the French language.

Dictionary, conjugation, spelling, expressions, proverbs, literature and dictation exercises.

In fact just about all you could ask for from a language site.

Une saison en France
Une saison en France (☞imdb)
An asylum seeker and his two children start to make a new life in Paris while awaiting the outcome of his asylum application. For a short while we see the warmth of a budding new family before the system delivers its verdict. Warmth turns into despair with one particularly shocking episode that jerks one back into the reality of the situation. This should be compulsory viewing in these intolerant times.

You can find my short review in the Drama section of my cinema pages.
TV 5 Monde Plus
TV5 Monde Plus
TV 5 is offering many categories of series and films in the French language as a world service.

These are for French speaking audiences and do not have subtitles but it is a valuable resource for anybody wanting to practise comprehension.

If you want to know how a French word is pronounced by French people, try YouGlish.

Enter the word and click on 'Say it!' and this online tool will search millions of indexed YouTube tracks to find examples of the word being pronounced.

From the image you will see that I went for écureuil, a word that always challenges me.
Deux moi
Deux moi (☞imdb)
Two young people in Paris, both somewhat troubled, and throughout this film you will be rooting for them to get together. But despite living in adjacent buildings and occasionally crossing paths they seem destined not to meet. But be patient!

You can find my short review in the light drama section of my cinema pages.
3 Coeurs
3 Coeurs (☞imdb)
A love triangle that has as much to do with fate as it does with the people involved. Marc misses a date with Sylvie, who then goes to America. Marc then meets Sophie, who he marries. But unbeknown to him she's Sylvie's sister.

You can find my short review in the Romance section of my cinema pages.
Adventures d'Alice au pays de merveilles
Adventures d'Alice au pays de merveilles
The original translation of Lewis Carroll's 'untranslatable' story. The author worried that the poems and wordplay could not be expressed in French, but in Henri Bué he found someone who was more than up to the task.

There have been many translations since but this original was overseen by Carroll and is generally regarded as the best.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (☞imdb)
Set in late 18th Century Brittany and directed by Céline Sciamma, this is very much a female oriented film exploring the deep relationship between a young noblewoman and the female artist who has been commissioned to paint her portrait.

You can find my short review in the Romance section of my cinema pages.
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