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Learning vocabulary
Success in memorising word translations using four different methods.
Learning vocabulary
Taken from an article that considers memorising techniques - The Art and Science of Remembering - this particular example considers recalling the translations of foreign words flashed on a computer screen. Four groups used different methods and were tested a week later.
Hello in different languages
Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages
An interesting article from The Conversation giving five reasons why English people might find the acquisition of a foreign language difficult. These are:

  • Noun gender
  • Gender agreement
  • Formal and personal forms of you
  • Applying the 'case system'
  • The effect of mood - verb inflection
Is the French language in danger from an English invasion?
Once the language of diplomacy, French remains the official language in nearly 30 countries and is the second-most-studied foreign language in the world. But despite all this, is French in danger of an English invasion?
My book republished
I've published a revision to my book
I've recently returned from a holiday in France where for two of the three weeks I attended a morning French course run by a charming French woman who, although now long retired, had taught French in England throughout her working life.
Why is English spelling so damn weird?
I know that on the face of it this seems not to be about French, but as we know L'anglais n'est que du français mal prononcé (Alexandre Dumas).
MIT Learning Language Report
MIT Scientists prove adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children
An analysis of a paper entitled "A Critical Period for Second Language Acquisition", this article delves into the source data to correct the impression given by some journalists that becoming fluent in another language as an adult might be impossible.
La fille inconnue
La fille inconnue
I've added a new film review to the Drama category. This film was shown on BBC 4 recently.

Set in Belgium, a young doctor is traumatised after she discovers that a young woman, who knocked at the clinic door the previous evening, had been killed after not being let in.
Language alters experience of time
Académie Française allows feminisation of job titles
In France, the issue of the feminisation of the names of professions has been a recurring debate, at times lively. In a perhaps unexpected move, the Académie française, guardian of the language of Molière, has agreed in principle to the adoption of feminine titles where these don't already exist.
Language alters experience of time
Language alters our experience of time
An interesting article that reports how bilinguals not only have the ability to switch between two languages, but how each language can influence how they perceive time in terms of the future and the past.
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