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What better way to get your regular exposure to French; watch a French film.

The dialogue will undoubtably be challenging and subtitles will probably be essential, but you will still be taking in the sound of the language, and probably understanding at least some of what's being said.
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Cannes 2015
When speaking to people who have learnt English it’s not uncommon to be told that watching English language films was a major factor in their acquisition of the language. If you start watching French films, unless your level is reasonably advanced you will probably wonder how these people learnt English in this way.
The language in films is often very colloquial, idiomatic and spoken in subdued voices. Quite a challenge.

I watch a lot of French films because I enjoy them. The language acquisition is a bonus. I particularly like French comedies and light dramas and admire how, even in comedies with implausible plots, the human story is invariably well presented.

In this section of the site I'm offering brief summaries of some of the films I've watched, many of which are minor productions rather than 'blockbusters'. I hope this will help you choose something to get you started, and let's hope you then decide to carry on watching this arguably unique genre of cinema.