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The Internet not only provides a range of options for learning French but is also your best friend when it comes to helping with vocabulary, grammar and translations.

Online dictionaries, spelling and grammar checkers, verb conjugation tools, these are all available with just one or two clicks of the mouse.
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    Bon Patron

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    Google Translate

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    Va te faire conjuger

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    Reverso Traduction

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    La langue française

Word Reference
Word Reference is an online dictionary resource that offers a comprehensive language database. Both the principal meaning of words and the often numerous more familiar uses are covered, as are expressions that include the word. There is also a community where questions can be posted, eliciting replies from French speakers.


If you have a French phrase that seems to defy your normal translation resources, try Linguee. It’s effectively a search engine that trawls the Internet for bilingual texts incorporating the phrase that you have submitted.

The results are tabulated in a pair of columns in French and English, providing a large number of professional translations ranked in order of correspondence with the original submitted phrase.


Bon Patron
If you start to write a lot of French, for example to a pen-pal or perhaps in online forums, it can help greatly if you are able to check your spelling and grammar. Bon Patron offers an online checker that you may find invaluable.

Just type or copy in your proposed text, click on check, and any errors will be highlighted. Hover over the highlighted errors with the cursor and you will be offered suggestions as to what is wrong.


Google translate
For the purists, translation utilities are viewed with much suspicion. Indeed, they can produce some quite nonsensical phrases when faced with the subtleties of language. However, as long as you appreciate these limitations it can be helpful to see what Google comes up with, which may not be absolutely correct, but it could point you in the right direction.

And with the progress in artificial intelligence (AI), we may expect such programs to become more and more accurate as time goes by.

Just be careful!


Va te faire conjuger
This is a free verb conjugation utility that has a very attractive interface and is useful if you want to check a conjugation quickly without recourse to verb tables.


Tech Dico
TechDico is a technical dictionary that also incorporates a translation assistant linked to a number of professional translation resources. Available on the web or as a phone app it offers a free version (enhanced if you register) and subscription options that further enhance the results as well as removing advertisements.

Technical translation can at times be difficult because of the specialised vocabulary involved and this app will be useful for anybody requiring this type of translation assistance. The app will detect relevant fields based on your search pattern or you can manually select a field of interest. See my more detailed views here.


Reverso Traduire
A fully featured web site offering translation, spelling/grammar correction, dictionary, usage in context, conjugaison and synonyms.

Particularly useful is the CONTEXT feature. Set phrases in French are often difficult because the translation is rarely literal. Very much like Linguee, this feature provides examples from translated texts in addition to dictionary definitions of the component words in the phrase.


La langue fran├žaise
Another fully featured web site, offering a dictionary, conjugation, spelling, expressions, proverbs, literature critiques and dictations.

The expressions and proverbs are particularly interesting to explore as there is an explanation of both meaning and origin.


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