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They say that French is the language of love, so it's not surprising that there are a lot of French romantic films. Many are in the comedy genre, although these are generally very different from the more usual Hollywood Rom-Coms. Others are much more serious, dealing with the sometimes harsh realities of life.
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  • Amour


  • L'Hermine


  • 20 ans d'écart

    20 ans d'écart

  • L'Arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

    L'Arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

  • Gemma Bovery

    Gemma Bovery

  • Grand Central

    Grand Central

  • Mon Roi

    Mon Roi

  • Souvenir


  • Pause


  • La Belle Époque

    La Belle Époque

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

  • 3 Coeurs

    3 Coeurs


3 Coeurs
Trois Coeurs
This is not quite the usual ménage à trois that the title might suggest. Here we have true love complicated by fate.

Marc, a tax inspector from Paris, misses his last train in a small provincial town. Having retired to a local bar, a woman walks in to whom he is instantly attracted. He catches up with her after she leaves and they walk together through the town. There is clearly some very special chemistry between them.

They arrange to meet in Paris but on the day Marc is delayed at the office and then suffers a mild cardiac attack. Sylvie, who he was to meet, waits and waits but in time leaves. She had previously told her boyfriend that she wasn't going to accompany him to America, but after this disappointment decides to go after all.

And now fate plays its hand. Marc, returning to the town, encounters Sylvie's sister, Sophie, at the local tax office. She has tax problems with her business and he offers to help out. Of course, he doesn't know that she's Sylvie's sister.

Marc and Sophie hit it off and are soon arranging a wedding. But Marc has now become aware just who Sophie is, and is dreading her sister's arrival at the wedding.

At this point one might have expected an embarrassing and tumultuous coming together, but the bond between Marc and Sylvie transcends any feelings of betrayal. After the wedding Sylvie returns to America.

But things do not end there. A birthday party again reunites the two of them and this time their emotions cannot be contained. And at this point the sisters' mother, played by Catherine Deneuve, realises what's going on.

Marc, who now also has a son, is torn between his wife, who adores him, and a deep passion for Sylvie. Yes, a man can love two women.

Once again French cinema gives us a somewhat unlikely scenario fleshed out by characters that make everything seem believable. Along with Catherine Deneuve we have Charlotte Gainsborough as Sylvie and Chiara Mastroianni, Deneuve's real life daughter, as Sophie. Benoît Poelvoorde plays Marc.