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This selection offers drama but often with a touch of comedy, and although there are some serious themes, and occasional violence or tragedy, there isn't anything too 'heavy'.

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  • L'Etudiente et Monsieur Henri

    L'Etudiente et Monsieur Henri

  • Ce Qui Nous Lie

    Ce Qui Nous Lie

  • En Equilibre

    En Equilibre

  • Médecin de Campagne

    Médecin de Campagne

  • Dans La Cour

    Dans La Cour

  • Les Adoptés

    Les Adoptés

  • Cézanne et Moi

    Cézanne et moi

  • Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti

    Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti

  • Miss Montigny

    Miss Montigny

  • Les hommes du feu

    Les hommes du feu

  • Un Homme Idéal

    Un Homme Idéal

  • Hippocrate


  • Le Concert

    Le Concert

  • Belle et Sébastien

    Belle et Sébastien

  • Prendre le large

    Prendre le large

  • Après l'hiver, le printemps

    Après l'hiver, le printemps

  • Le monde est à toi

    Le monde est à toi

  • La Villa

    La Villa

  • Primaire


  • Les petits mouchoirs

    Les petits mouchoirs

  • La vie en miettes

    La vie en miettes

  • La guerre des boutons

    La guerre des boutons

  • La peau de chagrin

    La peau de chagrin

  • Deux moi

    Deux moi

  • Les gardiennes

    Les gardiennes

  • (In bed with) Victoria

    (In bed with) Victoria

  • Les héros ne meurent jamais

    Les héros ne meurent jamais

  • The Artist and the Model

    The Artist and the Model


Les petits mouchoirs
Les petits mouchoirs
Every year a group of friends set off from Paris to a beach house on the west coast of France near to Bordeaux. The house is owned by one of them, Max, a successful restauranteur, and the break coincides with Antoine's birthday, another of the group. But this year disaster strikes when Ludo, one of the regulars, is gravely injured in a road accident just before they're due to set off. After weighing up how useful it would be for them to remain in Paris, they decide to go.

Max has been spooked by Vincent before they left (he says he loves him!) and this affects the whole holiday, the others wondering why two previously inseparable friends are so distant. Meanwhile, Marie, notionally Ludo's girlfriend, reveals herself to be far from faithful and more than a bit strange at times. Eric, a womaniser, has been ditched by his girlfriend, Léa, after one too many dalliances. And Antoine, who's there to celebrate his birthday, is desperately trying to woo back his girlfriend, Juliette.

So we have a range of personal stories that produce humour and drama in equal measure. We have Max who is not only at odds with Vincent but is also paranoid about a number of things, chiefly the 'weasels' that are invading the walls of the beach house. Marie welcomes yet another new boyfriend, a musician who everybody just adores, which seems paradoxically to upset her.

There's much messing around on Max's boat, and we meet Jean-Louis, a local and a friend of the group. But the fun comes to an abrupt halt when they receive bad news from Paris. And Jean-Louis ends up telling them all some home truths about how they lie to each other, making their lives all a bit of a sham. This is where the film title comes from, Les petits mouchoirs being an idiomatic phrase that is translated as Little White Lies for the English title of the film.

This is a long film at 2hr 34min offering a blend of comedy and drama. The scenery is beautiful and the characters are certainly interesting, although with the exception of Marie this is very much about the men of the group.

Marion Cotillard is well cast as the complex Marie, while François Cluzet is convincing as paranoid Max. While Jean Dujardin has little more than a cameo part as the luckless Ludo in a Paris hospital.
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