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This selection offers drama but often with a touch of comedy, and although there are some serious themes, and occasional violence or tragedy, there isn't anything too 'heavy'.

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  • L'Etudiente et Monsieur Henri

    L'Etudiente et Monsieur Henri

  • Ce Qui Nous Lie

    Ce Qui Nous Lie

  • En Equilibre

    En Equilibre

  • Médecin de Campagne

    Médecin de Campagne

  • Dans La Cour

    Dans La Cour

  • Les Adoptés

    Les Adoptés

  • Cézanne et Moi

    Cézanne et moi

  • Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti

    Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti

  • Miss Montigny

    Miss Montigny

  • Les hommes du feu

    Les hommes du feu

  • Un Homme Idéal

    Un Homme Idéal

  • Hippocrate


  • Le Concert

    Le Concert

  • Belle et Sébastien

    Belle et Sébastien

  • Prendre le large

    Prendre le large

  • Après l'hiver, le printemps

    Après l'hiver, le printemps

  • Le monde est à toi

    Le monde est à toi

  • La Villa

    La Villa

  • Primaire


  • Les petits mouchoirs

    Les petits mouchoirs

  • La vie en miettes

    La vie en miettes

  • La guerre des boutons

    La guerre des boutons

  • La peau de chagrin

    La peau de chagrin

  • Deux moi

    Deux moi

  • Les gardiennes

    Les gardiennes

  • (In bed with) Victoria

    (In bed with) Victoria

  • Les héros ne meurent jamais

    Les héros ne meurent jamais

  • The Artist and the Model

    The Artist and the Model


Belle et Sebastien
Belle et Sébastien
The film starts with the young boy, Sébastien, and his adoptive grandfather, César, walking in the mountains. César is searching for 'The Beast', a feral dog suspected of killing sheep. The opening scenery is absolutely idyllic and for me truly vertiginous when César lowers Sebastien over the edge to recover an orphaned fawn from a ledge.

Sébastien roams the mountains at will, seemingly in preference to school, and it isn't long before 'The Beast', a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, and he meet up. The dog, which is wary of adults, forms a bond with the child, and Sébastien does everything he can to protect his new friend.

All this is taking place during the Second World War and German soldiers are posted in the village, their orders being to catch Jews who they suspect are being led across the mountains to Switzerland by the local doctor, Guillaume. Angélina, César's daughter, is the village baker, and cares for her father and Sébastien.

Belle is injured by hunters and Sébastien convinces Guillaume to treat her. In time Guillaume will realise that Belle isn't the Beast, but not before he comes to rely on her after he injures himself defending sheep from a pack of wolves; the real 'Beast'.

There is also, of course, interaction with the German soldiers, one of whom being particularly attracted to Angélina. His feelings prove to be a salvation for Angélina when she and a group of Jews are pursued by soldiers as they try to cross the mountain.

This is a charming story set in the most picturesque of locations.
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