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In this section are films that deal with more serious themes, such as crime, passion, troubled romance and hard-hitting human stories.

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  • Elle l'adore

    Elle l'adore

  • Les Anarchistes

    Les Anarchistes

  • Hors la loi

    Hors la loi

  • Un prophete

    Un prophete

  • Mediterranea


  • Chaos


  • Jalousie

    La jalousie

  • Suzanne


  • Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

    Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

  • Mal de pierres

    Mal de pierres

  • La Proie

    La Proie

  • 11.6


  • La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

    La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

  • Les cowboys

    Les cowboys

  • Après le sud

    Après le sud

  • Chocolat


  • L'Atessa


  • La fille inconnue

    La fille inconnue

  • Belle de jour

    Belle de Jour

  • La femme tranquille

    La femme tranquille

  • Un peuple et son roi

    Un peuple et son roi

  • Belleville Story

    Belleville Story

  • Nelly


  • 1905

    1905 - The Winds of Passion

  • Frères Ennemis

    Frères Ennemis (Close Enemies)

  • L'Été meurtrier

    L'Été meurtrier

  • Les fantômes d'Israël

    Les fantômes d'Israël

  • Guillaume, la jeunesses du conquérant

    Guillaume, la jeunesse du conquérant

  • Une saison en France

    Une saison en France

  • La haine

    La haine

  • Caché



La haine
La Haine
When La Haine was released in 1995 it caused quite a stir. Not least because the following week there was rioting in the Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, following the death of a 21 year-old French-Arab during police chase.

La Haine his based on a very similar event and was perhaps a bit close to the truth for the government, the French people and, most of all, the police. It was a ground-breaking film that could rightly be considered to have changed thinking for many French people.

It's a story of three young men living in the notorious banlieue who, following a recent riot, harbour mostly bad and vengeful feelings towards the police. There is Vinz, a Jew, who just wants to kill a policeman in revenge for putting one young man in hospital with life-threatening injuries. Hubert, a black boxer whose gym was torched during the riot. And Saïd, an Arab, who talks and jokes a lot and, at times, mediates between the other two.

These three wander somewhat aimlessly, meeting people and getting into scrapes, mainly with the police, but despite their perhaps threatening appearance, and loud demeanour, are more often victims rather than perpetrators. Vinz is, however, on a short fuse. He found a police revolver that was lost during the riot and keeps threatening to use it on the police. The other two, especially Hubert, are continually trying to calm him down.

One suspects that things are not going to end well for them, the catch phrase 'jusqu'ici tout va bien', so far so good, referencing the thoughts of someone falling from a high building, implies that it must end in disaster.

The Guardian review is worth reading, as is the analysis by Phil Hoad, also in the Guardian, that really sets the context and the impact of this classic piece of cinema.

La Haine was re-released in 2020.
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