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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources.
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Is the French language in danger from an English invasion?
Once the language of diplomacy, French remains the official language in nearly 30 countries and is the second-most-studied foreign language in the world. But despite all this, is French in danger of an English invasion?
Language alters experience of time
Language alters our experience of time
An interesting article that reports how bilinguals not only have the ability to switch between two languages, but how each language can influence how they perceive time in terms of the future and the past.
After Winter, Spring
After Winter, Spring (☞imdb)
If you find the French country life appealing, you should love this documentary that follows the lives of a group of family farmers in the Périgord region of southwest France.

You can find my review in the Light Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Four reasons to learn a new language
A very interesting presentation that starts off by asking why we need to learn foreign languages given the predominance of English and its continuing growth around the globe.
Learning a second language
I posted a video a short while ago from Comme une Française that dealt with the importance of understanding French culture when learning to speak French. In this longer video Géraldine considers the difference between learning a second language and learning to speak your native language as a child.
Advice for learning French
Comme une française is one of the web sites that I recommend. I have followed Géraldine for a number of years and her weekly videos are both instructive and interesting. In this video she explains that learning French isn't just about the language. In fact she attributes only 20% to language. She goes on to suggest that interpersonal communication is 30% of what learning French is all about.

And the other 50%?


Baccalaureate - Philosophy
French baccalaureate kicks off with philosophy exam
The French are known for their love of debating and perhaps this can be explained by the importance that is placed on philosophy in the French education system. We should not be surprised, therefore, to learn that this year's baccalaureate examinations commenced with the philosophy paper.

As is quoted in the article to which this post refers, “The philosophy exam has always carried strong symbolic weight in France, and that’s linked to the Enlightenment.”

Mademoiselle or Madame
Mademoiselle or Madame
Another interesting article from French Together that this time looks at the possible pitfalls of using the term Mademoiselle when addressing a woman in France.
Langage : les mots nés dans la rue
The linguist Aurore Vincinti has published a dictionary entitled "Les mots du bitume". She is using bitume, or bitumen in English, as a synonym for the street. Her book analyses the words of the street and she argues that these enrich the French language, feed it and generally mess around with it.
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