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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources.
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Spoken French
French Today - Spoken French
French Today is a useful resource if you want to learn about French as it is spoken by the French. This article compares modern spoken French with written French, that's to say what many people are taught when they learn the language. And, of course, having learnt French as it is written, it's hardly surprising that it comes as quite a shock when you encounter a French person speaking how they normally speak, which is quite different.
Words are shortened, glided over or reduced to a single sound. While your spoken 'written French' may be understood you could have difficulty understanding the reply. How often have you heard somebody say that they started a conversation only to be completely lost when the French person replied.

And then there is the problem of slang, which you can be excused for not understanding. But changes in word order could also catch you out. Things become far less formal and even ungrammatical. This happens in any spoken language, of course, but is a problem when it's not your native tongue.
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