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Les Locutions Latines

Les 47 locutions latines les plus utilisées par les francophones

Les locutions Latines
An article in French from the site La Langue française. We are told that these 47 locutions, or phrases, are omnipresent in French literature, being used to show culture and refinement. But in some cases the usage has become so popular that they are now used naturally in the day to day language.

Some are of course familiar to us in English, such as ad hoc, agenda, alter ego, de facto, veto, and vice versa, while others will perhaps register even if we're not completely familiar with the usage.

The one I've come across the most in reading French, and indeed in speaking to French friends, is the expression a priori. The most colloquial translation of this expression is probably, on the face of it.

The article provides the signification of each of the 47 phrases although the explanations are all in French.
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