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Language alters experience of time
Language alters our experience of time
An interesting article that reports how bilinguals not only have the ability to switch between two languages, but also how each language can influence how they perceive time in terms of the future and the past.

Different languages express the future and past differently. In English the future is 'forward time', whereas in Mandarin Chinese, for example, it is expressed vertically, namely up and down rather than forward and back.

One particular experiment reveals this in a remarkable way. Chinese-English bilinguals were asked to arrange pictures of Brad Pitt and Jet Li according to their age in each photograph. The result, the pictures of Pitt were arranged horizontally, while those of Li were arranged vertically. That's the same person adopting two different styles based on the ethnicity of the subjects in the photographs.

The study thus shows that these language differences have psycho-physical effects in the bilingual mind, altering the way the same individual experiences the passage of time.
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