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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Baccalaureate - Philosophy
French baccalaureate kicks off with philosophy exam
The French are known for their love of debating and perhaps this can be explained by the importance that is placed on philosophy in the French education system. We should not be surprised, therefore, to learn that this year's baccalaureate examinations commenced with the philosophy paper.

As is quoted in the article to which this post refers, “The philosophy exam has always carried strong symbolic weight in France, and that’s linked to the Enlightenment.”

For four hours, in one essay, students are asked to elaborate on deeply philosophical questions such as “Is desire a sign of our own imperfection?”, “Is all truth definitive?” or “Does culture make us more human?”. They had to show their grasp of Plato, Kant, Schopenhauer and other great philosophers studied throughout the year, and display their knowledge of some of life’s great themes such as Duty, Desire, Existence and Time. A day that captures what it means to be French.

Philosophy has been part of the 'Bac' ever since the exam was created by Napoleon in 1809. In the last two years of secondary school at the lycée, it is taught as a subject in its own right, with some students studying it for up to eight hours a week.

Read the full article at France 24.
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