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Le secret pour améliorer sa prononciation
I have been following Johan at Français Authentique for many years, during which time his material has consistently been of high quality. Here he gives some very good advice concerning pronunciation, something that can be critical in determining whether you are understood or not when in conversation with a native French speaker. Presented in French at an intermediate level.

This is the first of three videos that are an introduction to a new paid-for course that Johan has launched aimed at improving your French pronunciation.

In this first video he discusses the importance of pronunciation and how to simplify your approach to improving. There are other pronunciation courses available that delve into the shaping of the mouth, positioning of the tongue and various other physiological adaptations. Johan rightly points out that such ideas are of little help when you are engaged in a live conversation. There isn't time to think about such things.

In the second video Johan talks specifically about the letter R, a particularly difficult sound for non-native speakers. He proposes an approach that is simple, natural and pleasurable. This basically boils down to selecting some phrases that are particularly dependent on the letter R, and practising saying them out loud to improve delivery.

The third video reinforces the message while proposing that you should spend only a short while researching the theory of how various French sounds are pronounced, the bulk of your effort being devoted to voicing the sounds. And he reminds us that however hard we try, while we may get close, we'll probably never speak like a native
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