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Language alters experience of time
Académie Française allows feminisation of job titles
In France, the issue of the feminisation of the names of professions has been a recurring debate, at times lively. In a perhaps unexpected move, the Académie française, guardian of the language of Molière, has agreed in principle to the adoption of feminine titles where these don't already exist.

The "Immortals", so called because they are appointed for life, have approved most of the recommendations of a report advocating the feminisation of the names of professions, occupations and titles. Four Académie members produced the report, two women and two men, observing that "No obstacle exists in principle for the feminisation of the names of professions."

In practice, unofficial feminisation of titles has already occurred, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, pointedly referring to herself as Madame la maire, whereas maire is in French a masculine word, requiring Madame le maire.

The debates are likely to continue as feminine equivalents are sought for the more intractable names.
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