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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Pause - Film
Pause (☞imdb)
Sami is a laid-back musician who teams up with Fernand, an elderly guitarist who is a bit too fond of a drink. Julia is an attractive lawyer and when her car runs out of fuel on the way to a party, Sami happens to be there. He gives her a lift and joins her at the party, after which they become an 'item'. But the course of true love never runs true!

You can find my short review in the Romance section of my cinema pages.
The harsh reality of language learning
The Harsh Reality of Language Learning - Power Law distribution
As we progress with learning a language some things become easier, such as basic conversation, while others elude us, such as understanding French films. This article suggests that this fundamentally comes down to vocabulary and to improve from 90% comprehension to 98% your vocabulary may need to increase from around 7000 words to 45,000!
Site information 20 December 21019
Site information
A bit of techie stuff first. I have for a while been trying to move the search facility to a toggled feature at the top of each page. With some technical assistance I have now achieved this. Go to the magnifying glass symbol to reveal the search input box.

Secondly a bit of fun. I've added some winter snow to this Bonjour page.
1905 (Film)
"1905" (☞imdb)
It's 1905 and France is coming to terms with a new law that has separated religion and the state (laïcité). Marie Dutilleul returns to her village to teach in the school. She believes implicitly in the new law while still keeping her faith, but those around her are far less understanding.

You can find my short review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Nelly (Film)
Nelly (☞imdb)
This is the story of Isabelle Fortier, a Canadian sex worker whose first novel, Putain, received critical acclaim. She worked and wrote as Nelly Arcan.

You can find my review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Apple Dictionary
Apple Mac Dictionary
If you have an Apple Mac then you already have a French-English dictionary ready to use. Just open the Dictionary App and go to Preferences.
Belleville Story
Belleville Story (☞imdb)
Freddy is a small-time crook who becomes involved with a local Chinese gang who want him to eliminate a new man in town, the inscrutable Mr Zhu - alias Zorro!

You can find my review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Lawless French
C'est or Il est ?
"The French expressions c’est and il est can be tricky because they are synonymous but not interchangeable. Which one to use depends less on meaning than it does on grammar."
Primaire (☞imdb)
A fascinating look at the workings of an elementary school in France, where Florence, played by Sara Forestier, is a dedicated institutrice. But Florence's life is far from straightforward.

You can find my review in the Light Drama section of my Cinema pages.
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